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A fire alarm can be used to serve as an early warning in the event of a fire and offers protection to a building and its occupants allowing them to safely vacate the building if the worst happens and a fire break out. Your Choice Fire and Security is a BAFE approved Fire Alarm Installer and Maintainer and our experts can work with you to ensure that your system fully satisfies the requirements of your Fire Risk Assessment. 


Open protocol systems mean customers can choose from different suppliers. Repairs and upgrades can be completed by the vast majority of engineers which means customers are free to shop around and pick a supplier of their choice to work on and maintain their system.

Closed protocol systems mean customers can only install components from the company who provided the original system. Furthermore, they can only use engineers employed by that company when it comes to repairing or upgrading systems.

By removing any form of competition it means customers can often be left to pick up large bills for parts, repairs and service. Similarly, with closed systems, upgrades are made purely at the discretion of the manufacture which is far from ideal for the customer.

Your Choice Fire and Security believes in conducting business in an ethical way, retaining customers based on good customer service and as such we pride ourselves on installing Open Protocol Systems.


Wireless fire systems can help you gain compliance in a building where, for one reason or another, a wired system is not feasible or practical. At Your Choice Fire and Security, our team can help you by designing, installing and commissioning your wireless fire alarm system. Typical applications include;

  • Heritage buildings 
  • Listed buildings
  • Sites with separate detached buildings that must be interlinked
  • Sites, where it is important to preserve the aesthetics of the building and hiding cables, is not practical


BAFE is the independent registration body for Third-Party Certified fire safety service providers across the UK. All BAFE Registered companies have been independently assessed to determine quality evidence of their competency to confidently deliver specific fire safety services. By selecting a BAFE approved company to use for your fire alarm system, you can be assured that you are getting a quality installation that fully meets the requirements of your  Fire Risk Assessment and will be accepted and recognised by your insurers.

Your Choice Fire and Security is proud to be BAFE approved to install and maintain BS5839-1 and BS5839-6 systems for commercial and HMO fire alarm systems.

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