As we take the first tentative step towards a world after Coronavirus what are the changes in everyday life we can expect to see?

One of these is likely to be our exposure to thermal imaging cameras in areas with high footfall, whether that be offices. warehouses, hospitals, bars, restaurants or construction sites.

This is also likely to become a significant feature at airports in order to to assess people with elevated skin temperatures coming in and going out of the country.

Hand-held thermal screening cameras and walk-through detectors are able to read and report a person’s skin temperature in just one second with an accuracy of +/- 5 degrees which then triggers an alarm to alert staf if someone is recording a high tempreature. Crucially, personnel involved in the process have no contact with the person being monitored with results being provided via a hand-held device or laptop/PC.

The system combines one of a range of thermographic cameras with AI (Artificial Intelligence) which provides facial recognition and disregards false alarms from other heat sources.

There are very few limitations to using the camera other than the fact that it should be placed in a windless indoor location and in a specific temperature measurement zone.

Mass screening is also available for up to 30 individuals at one time which is ideal for deployment in places such as shopping centres and train stations.

One company leading the way in the provision of temperature screening thermal solutions is Your Choice Fire & Security, a Value Added Solution Provider of Hikvision.

Jason Begg, Managing Director of Your Choice Fire & Security, said: “The advantages of being able to detect elevated skin temperatures is obvious. Working with Hikvision we are able to offer a range of temperature screening thermal solutions for use in various environments which are available to buy or lease.”

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Temperature Monitoring