CCTV Systems

No business is the same, so no CCTV solution can be the same. Let us advise what CCTV solution is right for you.

We're proud to have installed and maintained CCTV systems for...

Specialist Camera Technologies Include:

Remotely Monitored Cameras

Offer full protection to your premises out of hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned guarding solutions.

Low Light Solutions

Our latest cameras offer full-colour images even where there is very little ambient lighting available meaning that you can clearly see your environment at any time of day.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Use video analytics to detect and track the movements and direction of people and vehicles around your site accurately and reliably. This can be tied into a monitored system to give 24/7 protection to your premises.

Thermal Cameras

Able to see greater distances at night and can detect a person at distances of up to 500m. They can also be used to monitor changes to temperature or to measure body temperature.

Vandal Resistant Cameras

Offer superior immunity to vandalism and designed to keep working even when coming under attack.

Wireless Solutions

We can easily get a camera signal to hard-to-reach areas without the need for cabling, expanding the options for where a camera can be installed and reducing the overall cost of an installation.

Covert Installations

We specialise in cameras that can be hidden in plain sight. Typically used where a camera is required without staff or visitors being aware. Ideal for monitoring internal theft or HR issues on site.


High-definition IP CCTV systems overcome low video quality by providing crystal-clear high-quality images that give you the confidence to know that your system will capture what you need it to when you need it to.

We're a Hikvision Platinum Partner

By partnering with Hikvision, Your Choice Fire & Security can offer best-in-class solutions at the lowest price. As part of our policy not to settle for less, we have chosen to offer Hikvision CCTV as one of our preferred options. This means our engineers are fully trained with all of Hikvision portfolio, and can integrate multiple assets into one complete solution.

What is SSAIB Accreditation?

The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) is the leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection, management & monitoring systems.

SSAIB accreditation is achieved by requiring registered organisations to meet criteria appropriate to the services they provide. For example, insurance and screening of personnel, and implementing a complaints procedure. In addition, all services provided by registered organisations must comply with the requirements of international, European or British Standards or SSAIB Codes of Practice as appropriate.

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest level of accreditation for our disciplines to ensure you have absolute confidence in our abilities and credentials.

Your Choice were brilliant, I couldn’t fault their meticulous attention to detail, and their engineers were dilligent and thorough with their installation.
Tony Clay, Head of Operations at Ultima Furniture
Their fire risk assessment was the most comprehensive, detailed breakdown we have seen, it made perfect sense to get the experts back in to complete the work they detailed.
Andrew Blackburn, Plant Manager at Sonoco
We were visited at branch today by Your Choice Fire & Security, They completed their work quickly with no disruption to us and took the time to see that we were okay with the new system and if we had any questions, very pleased.
Avril Lea, Store Manager at Coral Withernsea
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