ANPR Camera System Installation


An ANPR System is an effective and efficient way to secure your premises or parking. Many companies already benefit from ANPR technology using it for controlling access to the site through a gate or barrier, controlling the amount of time a vehicle stays in a car park and overstay management or even being used to improve customer experience- welcoming customers to your site as they first enter the car park. As holders of the highest industry standards and with almost 50 years’ industry experience, make Your Choice Fire and Security, your choice today!


ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. An ANPR camera when paired with the right software can read a vehicle’s number plate, record the information and generate appropriate action. It can assist your business by capturing information and assisting with traffic management and vehicle recognition. The system can be used to simply monitor traffic volume and record the length of time a vehicle has been on-site, can be used to control vehicle access into a particular area of the site or car park, can be used to enhance customer experience or can even be used to identify a known threat by alerting security as soon as a banned or blacklisted vehicle enters your premises.


Many cameras on the market claiming to be true ANPR cameras can be more accurately termed LPR cameras or License Plate Recognition cameras. The difference between the 2 can be explained most simply as that an ANPR camera can read a number plate, process the information and generate an appropriate action- display a message on a screen, alert a security guard to open a gate or barrier or even message a member of staff to notify them of their visitor’s arrival. LPR cameras can take a clear photo of a number plate but will not read the plate and generate a response, these are still a great option if you want to be able to see numberplates at any time of day or night as part of your existing CCTV System.

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