Fire & Security Leasing

Spread the cost and the liability by using our finance partner. Don't settle for lesser products and services due to cashflow.

Flexible terms from 2-5 years on all products.

What are the Benefits of Leasing?

Top Tier Equipment

Why settle for inferior equipment? Spreading the cost over its useful life makes perfect sense and ensures you get exactly what your business needs.

Budget Control

With a finance lease the payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what you are paying, and when.

Flexible Upgrade Paths

Upgrade or settle at any point throughout the term.

Tax Efficient

Benefit from a CLS Finance Lease which is 100% allowable against pre-tax profits.

Protect Other Lines of Credit

Existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft or other facilities, remain intact for when times are a little uncertain.

Preserves Working Capital

A finance lease means that valuable cash can remain in the business and be used for continued growth.
Your Choice were brilliant, I couldn’t fault their meticulous attention to detail, and their engineers were dilligent and thorough with their installation.
Tony Clay, Head of Operations at Ultima Furniture
Their fire risk assessment was the most comprehensive, detailed breakdown we have seen, it made perfect sense to get the experts back in to complete the work they detailed.
Andrew Blackburn, Plant Manager at Sonoco
We were visited at branch today by Your Choice Fire & Security, They completed their work quickly with no disruption to us and took the time to see that we were okay with the new system and if we had any questions, very pleased.
Avril Lea, Store Manager at Coral Withernsea
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