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Fire Extinguisher Training

With traditional fire extinguishers, there can be multiple fire extinguishers that are used to fight different fires. Using the incorrect one can exacerbate the fire.

Fire Awareness Training

What are the different types of fire, how do they start, and how are they extinguished.

Fire Warden & Fire Marshall Training

A legal compliance for many businesses, and for good reason. Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals can save lives by helping people escape the building safely, and assist the Fire Brigade when they arrive.

Benefit from a group discount by taking more than one package and combining them into a bespoke solution.

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Customise the training package you would like to provide for your team. To make the decision easier, you can use your Fire Risk Assessment to determine what training you need. Get in touch for a bespoke quote, and we’ll book in your training on a day that suits you.

Fire Extinguisher Training

There are four different types of fire extinguisher: foam, water, CO2 and powder. Each have very different uses, and using the incorrect fire extinguisher can be incredibly dangerous. Learn the difference and reduce the risk of misusing a fire extinguisher.

Course includes:

Practice fighting a real life fire using our fire training rig and a selection of fire extinguishers

Prevention is better than cure. We review the specific risks in your work place, including high risk areas and how better housekeeping and vigilance can help stop fires from happening


Look at the different types of fire protection, systems and signage that you may encounter on site and how this assists and can be used in helping to fight fires and raise the alarm

Fire Awareness Training

Our comprehensive and fully compliant Fire Awareness Training courses will give you and your staff all the information needed to ensure you have an understanding of the combustion process, as well as the awareness of fuels and ignition sources, and will leave attendees knowing exactly what they need to do in the event of a fire.

Course includes:

This hard-hitting introduction to fire explains just how fast-moving and devastating it can be.

This covers the elements of combustion and explains the meaning of the ‘fire triangle’. Attendees will also learn the types of fuels that contribute to a fire, products of combustion and how fire spreads.


How types of fires are classified. We also cover what valuable information firefighters need to help them tackle a fire effectively on arrival at the scene.

Physical, hands-on practice is crucial. During each course, we provide an opportunity to fight a real fire using a fire training rig.

Fire Warden/Marshal Training

Fire Wardens/Marshals is not only a legal requirement, but it plays a crucial role in helping to evacuate colleagues and visitors from a building. This not only saves lives but also helps assist firefighters when they arrive at the scene.

Course includes:

This covers the types of extinguishers, how to read the labelling and select the correct extinguisher for the fire and how to tackle and extinguish it.

We can only be on site for a limited time, so we train your Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals to spot the risks as they occur. Minimising the risk of fire between your Fire Risk Assessment periods.

Review the duties of a Fire warden and look at how the actions of other people during a real fire can create significant risks and hamper a safe evacuation.

Your Choice were brilliant, I couldn’t fault their meticulous attention to detail, and their engineers were dilligent and thorough with their installation.
Tony Clay, Head of Operations at Ultima Furniture
Their fire risk assessment was the most comprehensive, detailed breakdown we have seen, it made perfect sense to get the experts back in to complete the work they detailed.
Andrew Blackburn, Plant Manager at Sonoco
We were visited at branch today by Your Choice Fire & Security, They completed their work quickly with no disruption to us and took the time to see that we were okay with the new system and if we had any questions, very pleased.
Avril Lea, Store Manager at Coral Withernsea
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