Access Control Systems

Along with complementary systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms, an access control system can add an additional layer of protection to your building.

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What is Access Control?

Access control systems as the name suggests, allow you to control access into your building through doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles, all without the need for individual keys for each entrance. Along with complementary systems such as CCTV and intruder alarms, an access control system can add an additional layer of protection to your building.

The keywords for access control are WHO. WHERE and WHEN one of our systems is able to control;


Use Access Control by enrolling people on the database so that only the people you want to have access to your building can enter.


Control where in the building a person can go – limiting staff to only the areas they need to access, improving the security of confidential or valuable items and increasing employee safety by excluding untrained personnel from entering areas of risk.


Set time limits to prevent personnel from entering the building outside of operating hours or use access control to give contractors temporary access to your site.

How Secure Really is Biometric Access Control?

Biometric access control essentially turns a person’s unique attributes into a key. Whether this is through fingerprints, or facial recognition.
But how secure is it really?

What are the Advantages of Access Control?

Keyless Control

Swap a bunch of keys for a single fob or card, or better away with these completely by opting for one of our biometric or facial recognition systems to control access to secure areas of your building.

Fire Management

In the event of a fire, an access control system can be used to tell you who was in the building and where by producing a roll call for Fire Marshalls to easily check when a site is empty.

Reduce Risk

If a fob or card is lost or taken by a contractor or former employee, it can be easily deleted from the access control system, maintaining security without the need for a locksmith and replacement keys.

Centrally Managed Database

The entire access control system can easily be managed from a single location. With all doors and enrolled users over a single site, or multiple sites being controlled by a central manager.

Limit the Movement of Staff

Limit access control to high risk or high security areas to only essential staff or limit the times which an area can be accessed.

Types of Access Control


Simple systems where each individual system is controlled by an individual controller. More suited to smaller installations as each door needs to be managed on an individual basis.


Multiple doors that are centrally managed across either a single site or multiple sites using a physical or cloud based server.

Door Entry Systems

Intercoms or visitor terminals to allow staff to speak to and give access to visitors without having to get up and go to the door.

Ways to 
Control Access

From least secure, to most secure.

Least Secure
Pin Code Entry
Users input a PIN code to gain entry. This is flawed as a PIN code can be easily shared and if shared it can take a long time before the effects are noticed.
Least Secure
Proximity Token
Users present a fob or code to a proximity reader next to the door to gain entry. This is more secure as a card or key fob cannot be easily copied and, if lost, it will be quickly noticed and once noticed the token can be deleted from the database and replaced.
Most Secure
Biometric Access Control
This uses a fingerprint reader of facial recognition terminal to control access through a building. The benefits of this are that there is no token or fob to lose, a fingerprint or face cannot be transferred or replicated and if there is a large number or high turnover of users on the system, it can prevent the need to keep buying and replacing cards or fobs.
Most Secure

Where to Start...

A successful access control installation begins with a free site survey and consultation by our team. We’ll understand your requirements and provide you with the right solution.

Considering factors such as location, when access is required and the overall level of security, we will tailor a bespoke solution which addresses your specific needs. We pride ourselves in this consultative and collaborative approach and always try to explain our proposed solution in a jargon free way.

Once the design is approved and costs agreed we will confirm an installation date for our accredited engineers to attend your site to carry out the works.

Your Choice were brilliant, I couldn’t fault their meticulous attention to detail, and their engineers were dilligent and thorough with their installation.
Tony Clay, Head of Operations at Ultima Furniture
Their fire risk assessment was the most comprehensive, detailed breakdown we have seen, it made perfect sense to get the experts back in to complete the work they detailed.
Andrew Blackburn, Plant Manager at Sonoco
We were visited at branch today by Your Choice Fire & Security, They completed their work quickly with no disruption to us and took the time to see that we were okay with the new system and if we had any questions, very pleased.
Avril Lea, Store Manager at Coral Withernsea
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