The P50 Fire Extinguisher

Service Free for 10 years.
The Next Generation of Fire Extinguishers.

Prices from £55 per unit. Download brochure click below.

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Guaranteed a 20 YEAR Lifespan!

Unlike traditional, steel composition fire extinguishers that have a lifespan of around 10-12 years. The P50 from Britannia Fire has a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer. Instead of disposing of the unit after 10 years like traditional fire extinguishers. You can send the P50 back to the factory for refurbishment for a small charge and use it for another 10 years more.

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P50 Fire Extinguisher

Learn more about the specifications and the benefits to swapping to P50 Fire Extinguishers.

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No matter when you have installed your traditional fire extinguishers, you can enquire to learn more about using P50 fire extinguishers for your business. You can then either plan to swap during your system lifetime, or slowly phase out existing ones to keep your maintenance costs down. It all starts with a quote though…

How it's Made

Made in Great Britain, using specialist local skilled experts. Using state-of-the-art materials and leading industry knowledge. The P50 Fire Extinguisher undergoes rigorous tesing to ensure that it meets several european standards.

Extra Benefits

The P50 is not just an incredible cost saving device for businesses, but it can make the difference in the event of a fire. These extra benefits make the decision to swap to P50’s easy.

Streamline the Training Process

By being capable of fighting fires of most types of fire you need fewer extinguishers per sq ft in your facility leaving your facility tidy and without clutter.

Eliminate Decision Paralysis

The seconds before fighting a fire are crucial to getting it under control, with a P50 your staff are confident that they are using the right equipment immediately after picking it up.

Reduce the Number of Fire Extinguishers Needed

By being capable of fighting fires of Cat A, B & C you need fewer extinguishers per sq ft in your facility leaving your facility tidy and without clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions About the P50 Fire Extinguisher

BAFE doesn’t apply to the P50 Fire Extinguisher. BAFE only applies to servicing and the P50 is service-free. It’s like saying has your bicycle passed it’s MOT. It doesn’t need one!

We can’t speak for all insurance providers, but we have never had an issue with insurance requirements when installing P50s. That said, you should contact your insurance provider to check before installing to be sure. 

The P50 absolutely is service-free. It only requires a simple check every year that requires you to wave a magnet in-front of the pressure needle to ensure it is still accurate.

The P50 Fire Extinguisher is incredibly simple and easy to use, it’s composition of Aramid fibre means it’s lightweight yet very strong. The fact it fights most types of fires means you don’t need to work out if it’s the right tool for the job before fighting the fire.

Due to their superior composition and Kevlar material they do cost more per unit than traditional fire extinguishers. However, ask yourself how much you’ve spent on servicing and replacement parts in the last 10 years and work out which is cheaper over that time period, when you don’t need any replacement parts or servicing with the P50.

P50 Fire Extinguishers are complaint as they are certified CE Mark and Kitemark from BSI and EN3.

Heritage Sites
Preserving history is not just about protecting historic buildings from fire damage, the reduced number of P50s needed means custodians can maintain the building the way it was intended to look.
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With multiple sources of fire risk in manufacturing facilities, the P50 comes into its own. The P50 can fight Cat A, B & C fires, a versatile tool built for busy facilities.
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Warehouses and depots deal with the flow of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of goods on a daily basis. The fact that the P50 can be picked up and fight nearly any fire means there is no decision paralysis and your goods are protected the instant someone picks up a fire extinguisher.
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Made from Aramid fibres, the same material as Kevlar. The P50 is incredibly strong yet surprisingly lightweight. The perfect tool for anyone working in an education environment.
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Care Facilities
Protected against UV rays and rust, the P50 is incredibly hard wearing. It can be stored in harsh environments and still hold up to the elements. With confidence that the P50 will be in top condition after 10 years, it's one less thing for carers to worry about.
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