Why Are So Many Businesses Switching to the P50 Fire Extinguisher?

The P50 Fire Extinguisher belongs on a stamp, it’s an engineering marvel that’s made in Britain. It’s up with Stephenson’s rocket and the Dyson vacuum cleaner. But what exactly is it that makes this the most talked about bit of kit in 2023 and probably in 2024 too.

It's Bulletproof...

Okay, we don’t know if it’s bulletproof…but it’s made from Aramid Fibres, the same thing they make Kevlar bulletproof vests out of. It’s super-lightweight, and stronger than stainless steel. The one-piece Kevlar body is thus extremely resistant to rust and is non-corrosive.

Benefits of being lightweight are as you can imagine, anyone can use it. A literal lifesaver. In the event of a fire, your entire workforce can fight the fire.

No More Servicing

Traditional fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually by a BAFE accredited engineer to ensure they’re still operational when you need them.

The more human interaction a product or service receives, the more chance of human error leading to a defective product. This could be in the form of a missed service, or an incorrectly serviced asset, or even a mis-serviced extinguisher.

The P50 Fire Extinguisher eliminates this completely. 

The P50 just needs a once over with a magnet to ensure the needle still moves. A child could do it it’s that easy.

A Huge Cost Saving

A traditional fire extinguisher lasts about 10-12 years, and in that time your extinguisher needs a yearly extinguisher and after a few years it needs replacement parts; hoses, levers, pins, etc.

While the P50 Fire Extinguisher does cost more per unit, the cost saving you get from having no services and being able to keep it for 10 years means businesses are saving thousands by switching to the P50 Fire Extinguisher.