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Alliance Norse Care Home Fire Safety

Queens Court is an assisted living facility in Buxton, Derbyshire. Built in 1990, the centre has 40 flats, and two common areas for elderly residents.

Owners of Queens Court reported that their fire safety systems were outdated and needed replacing with a modern system capable of keeping their residents safe.

Minimal Disruption

With 40 permanent residents, the managers of Queens Court were insistent that they be not disrupted or put at an inconvenience during this installation. 

Naturally, wireless fire alarms were the only option to keep noise and displacement to a minimum. We were able to install 44 brand new fire detectors in flats, living areas and a laundry room without drilling holes in walls or installing trunking to hide wires.

A Full Scale Audit

Built over 30 years ago, when building regulations were very different to those of today, Queens Court could have included harmful materials like Asbestos in the ceiling insulation. Over this period the mechanical and electrical features that were original to the build of the facility may have deteriorated beyond functionality.

Our team committed to a full site audit to ensure the living and communal areas were safe and fit for purpose. This included ensuring the door hold open devices were operation and free from faults. All power units for these devices were to be replaced.

During the installation we also included the option to link the fire alarm detectors with the interface for the nurse call system. 

Queens Court was a great opportunity to demonstrate our ability to work with tight restrictions, and offer a complete service to a unique client. We ensured that the facility was left in perfect condition, a task that  was made a lot easier with the seamless installation of wireless fire alarms.