Vape Alarm for Schools

Meet the UK's Number #1 Vape Alarm. Designed to detect and alarm at the presence of THC in the air, heatless smoke and over-occupancy of toilet cubicles.

Vape, THC & Occupancy Detector

The ultimate in anti vaping technology. This marks the best on the market for features and technology included.

As the industry leader in monitoring facility privacy areas, this Smart Sensor is at the forefront of solving ever-evolving safety and security concerns. Designed to protect the privacy of individuals as it does not use cameras, record audio, or capture any personally identifiable information (PII).

With the people counting feature, you can easily identify occupancy and how many people are within a location. The device uses a privacy-protecting sensor to measure the presence of body heat and never captures any personally identifiable information – keeping occupants’ privacy protected.

These sensors are often discrete and work well in dark, bright areas, and places with reflective surfaces or walls. You can also configure your alarm to receive alerts on movement for occupancy and trespassing in unauthorized areas, during and after hours.

Prices per unit start from £1,999 + VAT. Units should be installed in each cubicle/bathroom for maximum effectiveness.

Vape Detector

Suitable for more economical budgets, this Vape Alarm features less bells & whistles, but is still a competent deterrent and alarm that uses similar technology to protect privacy in sensitive areas.

  • Equipped with silent alarm Vape Detection Real-Time monitoring providing immediate alerts when vaping is detected, also covers smoke & air born particles
  • Equipped with Smoke Detection Alert
  • Adjustable sensitivity & alarm thresholds  to suit all environments
  • Mobile Smart App that allows the device to be managed remotely
  • Incorporates a laser scattering PM2.5 Sensor
  • Can be used in all locations where vaping is prohibited
  • Easy Installation
  • 2 Year Warranty


Prices per unit start from £375+VAT. Units should be installed in each cubicle/bathroom for maximum effectiveness. 

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