Fire & Security for Facilities Management

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Fire Protection for FM

P50 Fire Extinguisher

The P50 entirely replaces water, dry powder, CO2 and foam extinguishers. Meaning there only needs to be one type of fire extinguisher for most types of fire. Reducing clutter and cutting training time to a fraction,.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Easily expandable for buildings prioritising flexibility and freedom to grow. Also fully transportable when moving to new units, cutting costs when outfitting stores into bigger units.

Automatic Heat & Smoke Alert Systems

Don’t rely on human interaction to protect your clients buildings. Our Cygnus Wireless systems can operate entirely autonomously, meaning the second heat or smoke is detected the fire brigade can be alerted.

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Specialist Security Solutions for FM firms

Intelligent bespoke security solutions can deter would-be thieves, and even identify problem people-of-interest to allow security staff to proactively prevent theft and aggression to your client’s staff.

Facial Recognition

We can integrate smart facial recognition tools into your system that flag when banned visitors have entered your store. Helping you maintain and enforce a blacklist of problem guests.

Bag Left Alerts

Be alert to the risk of unattended bags in a predetermined length of time. Set the parameters and receive alerts to your security team's mobile phones or desktop monitors.


For clients with parking sites, you can integrate ANPR into your visitor management system. With this you can be vigilant to danger, while creating a holistic warm experience for visitors, with personalised welcome message.
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