Fire & Security Asset Tagging

100% transparency into asset maintenance, by using Bsecure we can log each and every asset making it easier than ever to report a failure with a single unit.

Visibility into your building’s fire alarms, detectors, sounders and panels is key to ensuring that you stay compliant and protected at all times. With secure Asset Tagging from Your Choice, we are able to create an accurate log of where each and every unit is, helping us keep track of the condition and history of your fire alarm system.


We will log assets in hard to reach places in a our fire logbook. This allows for the servicing of the correct unit in case of fault.


Make no mistake when reporting faults, or tracking lifetime of unit. You will be 100% sure which asset you're taking about, every single time.

Secure Gateway

The secure gateway can only be accessed through our own reporting system, meaning your fire alarm history is protected and only accessible by you, and us.

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