Fire Warden/Marshal

Fire Wardens play a crucial role in helping to evacuate colleagues and visitors from a building

 This not only saves lives but also helps assist firefighters when they arrive at the scene.

Fire Warden


Fire Warden training includes;

An introduction to fire

This hard-hitting introduction to fire explains just how fast-moving and devastating it can be

The chemistry of fire

This covers the elements of combustion in the ‘fire triangle,’ types of fuels, products of combustion

Classification of fire

How types of fires are classified. We also cover what valuable information firefighters need to help them tackle a fire effectively on arrival at the scene

Fire extinguishers and their use

This covers the types of extinguishers, how to read the labelling and select the correct extinguisher for the fire and how to tackle and extinguish it

Practical fire extinguishing skills

Every person is given the opportunity to fight a real fire using our fire training rig and a selection of extinguishers

Fire safety on site

Learn about the types of fire protection, systems and on-site signage and how this can help raise the alarm in the event of a fire

What causes a fire?

Prevention is better than cure. We review the specific risks in your workplace, including high-risk areas and how better housekeeping and vigilance can help stop fires from happening 

Fire Warden responsibilities

Review the duties of a Fire warden and look at how the actions of other people during a real fire can create significant risks and hamper a safe evacuation