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When it was built in 1991, the fishing museum was built around an early-age wooden fishing ship, now resembling a ship in a bottle with 10-meter high ceilings.

Most of Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre is a dark labyrinth of wooden-cladded exhibits to put you in the shoes of trawlermen 100 years ago. Wireless fire alarms were a must to ensure that the experience wasn’t hampered by the sight of trunking down the walls, and to avoid having to take the museum apart to fit wiring back to the panel.

Nothing Fishy Here

Initially a tender project, we were up against fire and security companies that were recommending installing half-wireless and half-wired solutions. This school of thought is out-of-date with the launch of Cygnus’ SmartNet solution.

A half-and-half system would have required wireless receivers to be placed around the facility that are mains connected through a fuse-spur, these would then connect to wireless detectors. 

Through conversations with the team at the museum, the thought of visible fire systems distracting from the experience is not something that appeals to the passionate curators.

Right from the initial tender application, we knew that Your Choice were different to the rest. Their aim was to provide a cutting-edge solution that was perfectly suited to our facility and our needs.

The team on site worked quickly, and ensured it was working perfectly before handover. They were conscious and considerate of our visitors and worked around our opening schedule.

Blanket Coverage

The Cygnus wireless solution, the only true wireless system on the market, was chosen as the tech for this heritage site. We installed 30 new wireless detectors in discreet, yet key locations around the museum. We ensured that the system gave the site a Cat P1 protection which means the entire site was covered. In such a valuable centre, with exhibits costing upwards of hundreds of thousands of pounds, moreso with priceless heritage relics on show. No risk could be afforded to fire detection.

Go Wireless

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