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High peak council heritage site fire alarm

Glossop Municipal Buildings are a grade 2 listed property that forms part of the Glossop Town Hall infrastructure. Built in 1838 for the 12th Duke of Norfolk, the Town Hall is connected to the municipal buildings from 1923.

Home to the High Peak Borough Council, the Municipal buildings is undergoing a £2million restoration and renovation project to convert part of the infrastructure to a start-up space.

A Bespoke Plan

After a comprehensive site visit, and lengthy discussions with the facility manager, we drew up plans for corrective maintenance and installation of new fire detection points and call points to replace the existing system that was unfit for purpose. 

It was highly recommended that wireless fire alarms were chosen to the historic nature of the building.

These plans included;

  • Installation of a new L1 Wireless Fire Alarm
  • Removal of the current system once the new system had been installed (visible/accessible devices and cables only)
  • Renovate the walls and fill the holes left by the installation of the previous hard wired fire alarm.
  • Service of existing smoke vents to get them operational.
  • Installation of a new Zone Plan covering the full system at the panel entrance.

Working With Historic Buildings

It was critical that there be no latency period, with no fire protection in place. With historic buildings like the Glossop Municipal Buildings, fire doesn’t just destroy physical assets, but the damage it has on operational capacity of High Peak Council and the cultural loss it would have on the area is immeasurable.

Therefore, we left the existing system in place while we installed the wireless fire alarm, and even left it a week after for a soak period to ensure there were no operation faults. For a week, the Glossop Municipality Buildings were some of the best protected buildings in the world – with two redundant systems in place.

Following the installation and further removal of the aging wired system, the look and feel of the buildings improved as did the peace of mind the managers had knowing a brand new wireless system was protecting them and the building.

Fire & Security for Historic Buildings

We know that listen buildings have special requirements when it comes to building upgrades and renovations. We embrace the protected status , and go above beyond in an effort to maintain the original features and aesthetic.