Fire & Security for Manufacturing

Modern solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by health & safety, and facility managers of some of the UK’s business manufacturing hubs.

Fire Protection for Manufacturing

P50 Fire Extinguisher

The P50 entirely replaces water, dry powder, CO2 and foam extinguishers. Meaning there only needs to be one type of fire extinguisher for all types of fire. A lifesaver when it comes to facilities with multiple risks.

Introducing the P50 can cut training time and the lag from pick up to use, when staff can be fully adept with the simple design of the best fire extinguisher in the world.

Automatic Fire Detection

Cygnus SmartNet wireless fire alarms come with the option to pre-set different detection ranges, with different outcomes. If your plant has high temperatures with smelting or welding, heat detection wouldn’t be appropriate. In which case, operators could set it to ignore high spikes, and instead base the detection on smoke.

SmartNet Control Panel

The latest design with intuitive user experience touchscreens. Heavy duty plastic injection moulded enclosure with key lock panel entry. Perfect for manufacturing with multiple user levels and large touch screen.

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Specialist Security Solutions for Manufacturing

CCTV solutions are important to protect your team, facility, and your goods and equipment from theft or vandalism. We have years of experience working with manufacturing clients delivering bespoke security solutions that integrate seamlessly into their operations.


Using state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology we know there's a problem before you do. We combine intruder alarms with remote CCTV monitoring to alert you and the authorities immediately if there is an unauthorised visitor to your estate.

You also have complete transparency using the system via a mobile phone app to view your estate at any time.


With larger manufacturing facilities, you run the risk of unknowingly allowing known danger vehicles into your premises through the sheer number of passing vehicles into site. ANPR can instantly flag problem vehicles, and even refuse entry if combined with access systems.

This solution allows your security team to alert the authorities, or deal with the issue on site.


CCTV must be durable enough to endure the conditions of a manufacturing hub, yet flexible enough to be a bespoke adaptable solution that works for your routine and facility.

Combine facial recognition software with high resolution IP cameras to enforce a visitor management solution that tracks entrance into certain areas, and maintains the health and safety protocols of a site.