Fire & Security for Schools

Fire and security is one area where schools have to take very seriously. With up-to 20 pupils per teacher in the UK, protecting life in schools is paramount.

Fire Protection for Schools

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) fire legislation has become simplified. The following should be considered in UK schools.

You will need to:

  • ensure procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of fire
  • maintain fire detection and alarm systems
  • ensure staff and pupils are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures

It is important that:

  • fire risk assessments are kept up to date
  • fire precautions remain current and adequate (they should be reviewed in detail when significant alterations are made to a school’s premises)

How Can We Help?

We have installed fire alarms including detection systems and automatic alert options for schools and nurseries all over the UK. We know how difficult it is balancing fire safety with the convenience of the children and staff. We offer modern, seamless systems to provide full fire protection to schools and other educational institutions.

Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Warden and Marshall Training
  • Maintenance
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

THC , Vape & Over-Occupancy Alarms for Schools

Meet the UK’s Number #1 Vape Alarm. Designed to detect and alarm at the presence of THC in the air, heatless smoke and over-occupancy of toilet cubicles.

Specialist Security Solutions for Schools

The security of your school and those within in must be at the highest level to comply with UK and EU safeguards, and to protect those who are entrusted to the school.

You should consider a bespoke solution that takes into account every security risk your school faces. We are SSAIB accredited, and so recommended by most insurance providers.

Visitor Access

With visitor control systems, you can control who enters your premises and when automatically. Door controls and automatic locking can be controlled from pre-set passes. Stop intruders at their first barrier.

Intruder Alarms

In the event that an intruder does enter your facility, selected members of staff can be provided with alarms to lockdown the school and alert the authorities. Protect your schools and be on guard at all times, giving your much-appreciated peace of mind.

Vape & Occupancy Alarms

Smoking & Vaping is becoming more common in schools, with Vapes especially easy to get hold of compared to cigarettes. We now offer specialist Vape alarms that detect when water vapour is released into the air.

The same alarms also monitor occupancy in toilet cubicles, without compromising on privacy. Allowing teachers to know when pupils begin to vape together in the same toilets, often alerting teachers as soon as multiple people enter one cubicle.

Fire Warden & Fire Marshal Training

Ensure you comply with EU regulations by appointing a responsible person in your school. We can support with a full training programme, find out more here.