Fire & Security for Care Homes

Carers have to be experts in all levels of caring and protection. With modern fire and security solutions, those in the industry can focus on providing the level of care that residents deserve.

Fire Protection for Care Homes

As part of EU regulations, care homes in the UK have to ensure they have taken all proper steps to prevent and detect fire at the earliest opportunity. 

These include a comprehensive risk assessment. These are best left to the experts, those who deal with the risk on a daily basis.

It also maintains that care homes in the UK must appoint a responsible person to manage the risks and mitigate to protect the residents in the role of Fire Warden or Fire Marshal.

Fire Warden & Fire Marshal Training

Ensure you comply with EU regulations by appointing a responsible person in your care home. We can support with a full training programme, find out more here.

Fire Detection and Warning Systems

According to a 2004 whitepaper released by the government on care homes in the UK, section 3, part 4, point 1 states that; 

In premises of limited size/occupation, e.g. ground and first floor with a small number of residents (up to four), a system of interconnected smoke alarms or point detectors incorporating interconnected manual call points and, where necessary separate sounders, may be acceptable. 

In larger premises with more residents, you will probably need an automatic fire detection and warning system with a control panel which is able to identify either zone or the specific location where the alarm has been raised. 

In more complex premises, particularly those that accommodate a large number of residents over a number of floors, it is possible that a more sophisticated form of evacuation, e.g. phased evacuation, will be used. In these cases it will be necessary for the fire detection and warning systems to automatically trigger the action that people need to take (in accordance with the pre-determined fire procedure) e.g. by a two stage audible warning or voice alarm system.

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Specialist Security Solutions for Care Homes

Security solutions in warehouses and depots usually have to consider access at all times and constant risks of moving goods. You should consider a bespoke solution that takes into account every security risk your facility faces. We are SSAIB accredited, and so recommended by most insurance providers.

Visitor Access

With visitor control systems, you can control who enters your premises and when automatically. Door controls and automatic locking can be controlled from pre-set passes. Stop intruders at their first barrier.

The same tools can be used to protect residents from leaving, crucial for facilities caring for those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Intruder Alarms

In the event that an intruder does enter your facility, selected members of staff can be provided with alarms to lockdown the facility and alert the authorities. Protect your schools and be on guard at all times, giving your much-appreciated peace of mind.

Monitored Systems

You have the option to hand responsibility for protection of your care homes to trained staff that have access to your CCTV and access systems. In the event of an break-in, or intruder the monitored system will facilitate an immediate response.
A Full Service Bespoke Fire Safety Solution for Derbyshire Care Home
We installed 40 wireless fire alarms for Queens Court in residents rooms, and communal areas doing an asbestos check for the site and quoting for an optional integration with the nurse call system at the same time.
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