Smart Asset Tagging,
what is it?

We’re from Yorkshire, which means we shouldn’t be interested in new fangled technology. But this is where we stray away from our roots…we love anything to enables us to do our job better. You know the saying, ‘work smarter, not harder’ this tech does exactly that. It lets you manage an entire fire alarm or security system network-wide for years with 100% transparency and accountability.

…but what is it?

It's a QR Code Sticker

It sounds simple, but that’s the truth. It is simple. That’s what we’re trying to do, rather than re-invent the wheel.

This new offering involves simply labelling every asset within your system by attaching a QR code sticker. When scanned, these stickers link to our internal database that holds information including how long the asset has been in the system, the lifespan of the unit and/or when the battery will need replacing, and when the asset was last serviced and by whom.

All this information means that any time needed on site as part of your standard contract is reduced. We call it predictive maintenance. If every asset in your premises is tagged that means there’s full accountability meaning you have the biggest and most complete picture of how your system is working for you.

What Benefits Does this Have?

Of course, as a business owner you have certain legal requirements to adhere to, to ensure that your premises meet current legislation and any requirements as laid out by your insurance provider. 

The system removes that unpredictability and uncertainty. By being able to pinpoint in a system any issues before they occur, repairs and preventative measures are quickly and efficiently carried out reducing time on site, and the cost to you both in terms of the maintenance contract and lost business.

Predictive Maintenance is a huge saving of downtime for your business. What does downtime mean for your business? Any time when you’re not able to conduct your business activities as usual has the potential to cause great problems. Downtime can be incredibly costly resulting in the potential for disappointing customers, missed deadlines and lost contracts.

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